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Cast in heaters

Cast-in heaters are available in a variety of designs and styles suitable for different applications. Uone cast-in band heaters are available with cooling tubes for heating and cooling barrels of plastic processing extruders. They are very efficient and provides long lasting trouble free service. Uone cast-in heaters are made in aluminum,brass and bronze.The type of alloy to be casted depends upon the application,max operating temperature & watt density. We built every technically possible heaters as per your requirement.

※ Features

Efficient Heat Transfer.
Cast-in heaters can be supplied with cooling tubes & end fitting.
Various Heater terminations.
Uniform surface temperatures.
Also as per your requirements.
Max watt density:
Aluminum alloy - 35 w/sq in on heater elements.
Brass alloy - 45 w/sq in on heater elements.
Max temp:
Aluminum alloy - 375 °C
Brass alloy - 650 °C

※ Applications

Injection and Blow Moulding
Moulds & Dies
Packaging machinery
Medical equipments
Thermoforming equipment

※ Types

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