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Coil heaters

Coil heaters also known as cable heaters can be formed to a variety of shapes as required by its many applications. Frequently though, coil heaters are configured as small diameter, high performance nozzle heaters that are fully annealed. Coil heaters are used on injection molding machine nozzles and sprue bushings supplying 360o of heat with optional distributed wattage models also available. Coil heaters are also used as cartridge heaters where irregular size bores are found. A straight, round cable heater can snake through a sealing bar in packaging equipment installations.

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S3 3.0x3.0mm

S6 3.5x3.5mm

S7 Ø 2.0mm

S8 Ø3.3mm

S10 4.2x6.5mm

S12 4.2x8.5mm

S14 2.2x4.0mm

S16 Ø 2.7mm

S17 1.7x3.5mm

S18 1.2x2.6mm

S19 Ø3.8mm

S21 Ø 1.8mm

S22 1.5x2.1mm

SB4 Ø 1.8mm

SB5 1.5x2.1mm

SB6 Ø2.0mm

SB7 Ø2.0mm

SB8 1.7x3.5mm

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