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Heat Trace-- Parallel constant watt heat trace


¡¾Self-regulating Heating Cable¡¿ ¡¾Parallel Constant Watt Heating Cable¡¿

Constant Wattage cable consists of two parallel nickel plated copper bus wires encased in a fluoropolymer insulated jacket with nichrome heating element wrapped around the jacket. At specific intervals, the nichrome heating element is soldered to bus wires, forming a line of parallel resistance modules. When power is applied to the bus wires, each resistance module heats at rated wattage output. This creates a consistent heating cable.

¡ùSeries Constant Watt Heating Cable

These heaters consist of one or more resistance heating conductors connected to an electrical supply. The available voltage is dropped across the electrical resistance represented by the series heater obeying Ohms law and resulting in a heating effect. The circuit length and the process temperature determine the operating resistance of the conductor. Series Constant watt heating cable are used where circuit lengths exceed the limitations of parallel resistance heating cables or high temperature exposure is required.

¡ùThe Benefits of Constant Wattage Heating Cable

*The parallel resistance configuration allows the cable to be cut to length

*Provide consistent and reliable heat outputs regardless of circuit length

*Not subject to the inrush current, the need for oversizing power distribution equipment is eliminated.

* Resistance heaters are most often available for higher operating temperature applications.


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