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Heating films -- High temperature heating film

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¡ùIntroduction of high temperature heating film

Many kinds of metal salts settle on the surface of substrate after thermal decomposition . Actually they were a kind of semiconductor film whose thickness is only several ¦Ìm but its performance are very good . This kind of film is made under micro and small particles of materials and at the same time they were combined with substrates. They were very solid and never get off. Film surface is very rigid and very wear-resistance. This kind of membrane won't crack under sharp cooling or sudden heating . Even they were heated to 600 ¡æ ---800 ¡æ and pipes become red and suddenly put them into water of room temperature, they will still intact . Film physical properties are very stable ,waterproof, oxidation-resistant, acid-proof , alkali-resistant , corrosion resistant. Thermal efficiency reached 85 ¡æ ---96 ¡æ and 46.5 £¥ higher than traditional heating pipe. The main applications are household appliances such as electric oven , disinfection cabinets , electric water haters as well as industrial , agricultural , chemical oil fields.

¡ù Main Technical Parameters


350 ¡æ --600 ¡æ

Power density

5W/cm 2 --13W/cm 2



Max Size


Working life

>30000 hours

Pipe size


¡ù Different types

It is produced by printing carbon resistant ink on the out surface of the tube at high temperature. The tube is of several hundreds of wattage. It is very stable and good quality. It is suitable for Water Heater, or some medical equipment used in hospital.

This glass ceramic heating plates are produced by printing electrical resistant ink on the surface of glass ceramic plate. It heats by emitting far-infrared rays which has great health care function. It is suitable for Roomer Heater or Air Heater. It brings comfortable warm as well as health life style.
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