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The electric heat pipe that the DongHai electrical Fittings CO.,LTD. produced is major including for civil use electric heat pipe and industry electric heat pipe. Reasonable material that can provide on the basis of customer is made any one kind of electric heat that customer need pipe. The electric heat pipe of this company production is according to the difference of heating medium. Choose the steel pipe, copper plating iron pipe, stainless steel pipe,aluminium pipe and copper pipe to put under surveillance with titanium . Make his possess the characteristics such as service life is long and the mechanical high and safe function of intensity height and thermal efficiency is high etc , and can bend into various differences shape form at the same time. With the requirement that is satisfied customer.

Heating Element For Electric Stove
Heating Element For Oven And Barbecue
Iron tube for Electric Iron
Heating Elements For Variety Home Appliances
Heating Element For Washing Machine
Water Heater And Coffee Heater
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