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This series of temperature controllers control the temperature with heat radiation or heat conduction. It features safety,easy operation,and no pollution and is applicable to frying pans,electric irons,electric rice cookers,electric warmers,electric woks,and other small electric appliances.

KSD bimetal Thermostat Liquid Expansion Thermostat

Applicable to the temperature control of household electric appliance, such as bather, electric heating boiling bottle, electric disinfectant cupboard, dry cloth machine, micro-oven, electric heater and bathing heater. Also it an be used for over-temperature protection device of electrical machinery, rectifier equipment, daily electric appliance and all kings of electric heater. ....


Applicable to electric water heater, water boiler, electric oven, warm air heater, washing machine, frier, kitchen equipment, etc. It has the function of anti-dry combustion.

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